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Hang market – The countryside charm in city centre

Hang market – The countryside charm in city centre

Right in Haiphong city centre, there is a special market-day which is opened up only once a week on Sunday morning. In this market, foods and vegetables are not sold, neither are luxurious goods, but plant seeds, breeders and agricultural instruments for cultivation and breeding.

You can find here all kind of plant seeds and vegetable seeds like: onion, garlic, lettuce, basella alba, loofah, egg-plant, chayote, chilly, lemon, etc… Bonsai of various types from cheap (several thousands đồng) to expensive ones (millions đồng) are also sold here. Indeed, Hang market is not spacious and orderly arranged, and held on an open-air area along the road. However, it draws a very special attraction to people of all ages and genders, and even foreign visitors in Haiphong. Many Haiphong people consider visiting Hang market a weekend pleasure. They go to market to either sell or buy, or just for a walk and sightseeing. It is always crowded in every market-day, but with neither quarrels nor fightings. As for most of sellers, going to the market firstly is to see the sights, then to sell the goods. Their sale is selling such simple goods as a couple of puppies, sacks of seeds, chilly plants, egg-plants, bunches of shallots, eggs, or kitties, etc… but that can make a genuine shop. The shopping seems to be an interesting pleasure as exchanges are modest but meeting, selling, buying and collecting are more enjoyable. The pleasure is not just cash, but also smile and glance./.

Translated by Luu Vu Quyen


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