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Haiphong Museum – a destination of preserved ancient Vietnamese vestiges


Haiphong Museum – a destination of preserved ancient Vietnamese vestiges

Haiphong Museum, centrally located in the city at No.65 Dien Bien Phu street, Hong Bang district, Haiphong city, is one of ancient architectures in the coastal city. Built in 1919 on a 1-hectare area under the canopy of century-aged trees, the Museum is a European Gothique work that used to be the France - China Bank during the French domination.

The museum was planned to be established right after the date of Haiphong liberation (13th May 1955), and officially founded on 20th December 1959, that made it the first local museum for scientific research in Vietnam. The museum presents the revolutionary history of the local land, people and cultural identities, as well as studies concerning the local climate, soil, archaeological vestiges, cultural and historical relics. Up to date, Haiphong Museum staff have collected nearly 20,000 items, including the special historical and archaeological vestiges illustrating the age-old culture of Haiphong that helps efficiency of scientific research and education. Statistically, about 19,000 articles of different historical periods have been collected, conserved, maintained and displayed in Haiphong Museum. Apart from 6 national precious objects which have been registered, there are another 1,092 antiquities (incl. 773 pottery and china and 279 metal objects). Also, Haiphong Museum stores a huge number of other precious exhibits including 154,497 documents and 29,381 photos and movies regarding different historical phases. These are rich and diverse in contents to be worthy references for exhibition, scientific researches and academic studies.

The richness and variety is really a dream of many other museums throughout the country. Especially, of all the collections, it is worth mentioning the collection of prehistoric items such as tools and hunting instruments etc… of ancient Vietnamese aged back to about 6,000 to 7,000 years ago found in Cai Beo relic (Cat Ba district). Examining those, archaeologists have proved that Cat Ba is not only the residential area of ancient Vietnamese, but of which Cai Beo area also was the oldest fishing village of Vietnam. Here also displayed another collection of acient jewellery like necklaces, bracelets, etc. found in Trang Kenh archaeological relic, Thuy Nguyen district, that confirm the place used to be a jewellery workshop of ancient Vietnamese.

All the objects have been kept in accordance with the common inventory guidelines of the Cultural Relics Bureau which are adequate enough to guarantee the legitimacy and the scientific nature of the museum’s objects.

Accordingly, visitors to Haiphong Museum will not only enjoy the beautiful outlook of vaults and fabrics, etc… but also take pleasure in showrooms introducing Haiphong City in different topics:

- The nature and natural resources.

- Haiphong from the prehistory to Bach Dang victory in 938 AD.

- Haiphong from 10th century to 14th century - a port city of the whole country (1874, 1888, 1930).

- The patriotic and revolutionary movements from late 19th century to the August 1945 Revolution.

- Haiphong - 30 years of resistance war against aggressors, national construction and defense under the leadership of Vietnam Communist Party (1945 - 1975).

- Haiphong city in the course of national unification and renovation “Doi Moi” (1975 up to now) - Traditional and cultural identities of Haiphong.

- Haiphong in the heart of friends worldwide.

Haiphong Museum is also displayed with antique and modern pottery and china, and ancient and contemporary pictures and statues of highly aesthetic values. Within its precinct, the historical weapons such as canons, stone steles, a MIC-17 aircraft and a minesweeper of Vietnam People’s Navy are as well on display. A visit to the museum will certainly bring you a comprehensive concept about Haiphong - the rising land at a highly dangerous position.

Address: No.65 Dien Bien Phu street, Hong Bang district, Haiphong city./.

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