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Dong Hai soil: Peserving area of multi-cultural values


Dong Hai soil: Peserving area of multi-cultural values

Being a coastal and suburban land, Dong Hai has produced and maintained many traditional architectures and cultural activities. In the old days, Dong Hai was well-known with the “temple of the four supernatural creatures (dragon, unicorn, tortoise, phoenix)” of Haiphong City. It also expressed a real evidence of fold belief with ancient pagodas and shrines, etc…which had been built in connection with Vietnamese culture and national patriotism.

Folk legend of downstream area of Bach Dang river has many time reminded the story of King Ngo Quyen. Dong Hai is a land which reserves traces of ancient battlefields such as: the perimeter road where King Ngo Quyen built the defence system, the soul berth where sacrified warriors were buried, etc… From such ancient traces, Ha Doan shrine and communal house were also built in the area of general headquarter of King Ngo Quyen right after Bach Dang victory in 938 AD. At present, these venues still remain grandiosely and intactly artistic architectures for worshiping King Ngo Quyen right at the ancient land of his feat of arms. Ha Doan shrine was formerly called Gianh shrine, where activities of offerings in the villages and traditional culture of the locality had contributed to strengthening solidarity among villages with the tradition of community affection.

Besides, Dong Hai land also contain national cultural heros worshiping relics, of which Thuong Doan prefect is a typification with the West-facing architecture which was interpreted as “Saints turn Westward to hear the world says”… In the thinking of ancient Vietnamese, the whole universe was expected to be under the administration of Mother Superior. Thuong Doan prefect is one of the well-known venues to worship Mother Superior Mieu, which was ranked as a historical monument of Eastern land by “Dai Nam nhat thong chi” (The Entire History of Dai Nam Kingdom).

Together with Thuong Doan prefect and Phu Xa temple, Ve pagoda is a splendid, intact and ancient artistic architecture. It was one of vestiges of historical Bach Dang victory (1288). Ve pagoda was restored in the year of Dogs (Nham Tuat - 1922) under the reign of King Khai Dinh. All displaying objects preserved in Ve pagoda are valuable antiquities and artistic quintessence which have been tempered for generations. Coming to Ve pagoda, visitors will have chance to contemplate a special cultural and historical relic and hear many interesting and moving stories about the second and the third Bach Dang victories. Sacred venues like Ve pagoda, Thuong Doan prefect and Phu Xa temple which have made up a group of successive relics where reserve many traditional belief and cultural activities of a civilized village will certainly be a destination for domestic and international tourists. At present, Dong Hai Ward is a rare land with such many national ranking relics. The preservation and promotion of cultural values as well as the restoration of festival activities will be a succession of national ancient quintessence in the process of construction of an advanced culture./.

Translated by LuuVuQuyen

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