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Dang Hai flower village today

Dang Hai flower village today

Formerly Ha Lung village, now known as Dang Hai village, Hai An district, Haiphong city, has long been famous for floriculture. Flowers grown in Dang Hai village are quite unique which have brought pride to Haiphong people…

According to local senior citizens, Dang Hai flower market took shape very long time ago, of about nearly a hundred years. On the occasion of Tet coming on, winter-end winds bring biting coldness to coastal inhabitants. In such biting coldness, there seems to be the sign of spring, which could be felt more clearly in Dang Hai flower village. On these days, Dang Hai inhabitants are much busy preparing flowers for the pre-Tet and post-Tet occasions. There are three main flower crops every year, of which Tet crop is one to bring means of existence and pride for Dang Hai people.

Coming to Dang Hai flower village at night, visitors will see the whole village like a sparkling field of flowers and lights. During the crop, Dang Hai inhabitants frequently sleep and stay up with flowers, pay special attention to and protect them from frozen weather and white frost. Each flower to the hands of contemplators contains the sense, effort and love of growers. In recent years, apart from doing floriculture, Dang Hai inhabitants also go to Da Lat and Sa Pa… to order flowers and transport to Haiphong; which make Dang Hai flower market the focal market for providing fresh flowers and relevance to flowers. Dang Hai flower market is opened up everyday from midnight up to dawn, but more noisy and crowded during key holidays. Despite being opened up at night, the market is quite busy. Along the street through Lung Bac and other roads to the market, flowers are everywhere. Roses, lilies, daisies, orchids, etc… show off with various colours. Once coming to the market, visitors must be impressed by a serene atmosphere with motley tone values and pervasive smell of flowers. Standing next to the vaporous and colourful row of flowers, Dang Hai inhabitants look pleasant in radiant smiles like sparkling flowers mixing into streams of buyers and visitors at the first gleam of daylight./.

Translated by Luu Vu Quyen


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