Attraction of Cat Ba National Park

Thời gian 26/09/2011 00:00
Cat Ba National Park, adjacent to Ha Long Bay, consists of 366 islands in Lan Ha Bay, of which Cat Ba Island is the biggest with the area of 100 km2. In 2005, Cat Ba archipelago was voted the world biosphere reserve area by UNESCO. There are two choices to come to Cat Ba. By waterway on a hydrofoil from Ben Binh (Haiphong), it takes about 45 minutes. You will have chance to contemplate the splendid Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay is smaller than Ha Long Bay but it contains many limestone islands, of which each possesses a particular beauty. To the left side of the hydrofoil, you will see Dau Go cave, Bai Chay beach, Hon Gai, and then the appearance of islands, i.e. Mam Xoi island, Oan island, Hai Tien island, etc…

Haiphong Museum – a destination of preserved ancient Vietnamese vestiges

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 Haiphong Museum, centrally located in the city at No.65 Dien Bien Phu street, Hong Bang district, Haiphong city, is one of ancient architectures in the coastal city. Built in 1919 on a 1-hectare area under the canopy of century-aged trees, the Museum is a European Gothique work that used to be the France - China Bank during the French domination.

Phu Xa temple

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Phu Xa temple (located in Dong Hai ward, Hai An district, Haiphong city) worships Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan, a famous general of the Tran dynasty, who deserved great credits for the resistance war against Chinese Yuan aggressors in 13th century. The temple situated on an area of 5,515m2 in the centre of formerly Phu Xa village, now known as Phu Xa quarter, Dong Hai 1 ward, Hai An district, facing Bach Dang river.

Hang market – The countryside charm in city centre

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Right in Haiphong city centre, there is a special market-day which is opened up only once a week on Sunday morning. In this market, foods and vegetables are not sold, neither are luxurious goods, but plant seeds, breeders and agricultural instruments for cultivation and breeding.

Dang Hai flower village today

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Formerly Ha Lung village, now known as Dang Hai village, Hai An district, Haiphong city, has long been famous for floriculture. Flowers grown in Dang Hai village are quite unique which have brought pride to Haiphong people…

Xom Trai 13-root banyan tree

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Xom Trai banyan tree is located in Dang Giang ward, Ngo Quyen district, and about 5 kilometers south-east from the city centre. According to local elderly, this banyan tree is nearly 1,000 years old, consists of 13 roots, and its canopy covers a large area of about one Northern Vietnamese mẫu (equivalent to 3,600 squared meters).

Dong Hai soil: Peserving area of multi-cultural values

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 Being a coastal and suburban land, Dong Hai has produced and maintained many traditional architectures and cultural activities. In the old days, Dong Hai was well-known with the “temple of the four supernatural creatures (dragon, unicorn, tortoise, phoenix)” of Haiphong City. It also expressed a real evidence of fold belief with ancient pagodas and shrines, etc…which had been built in connection with Vietnamese culture and national patriotism.

Haiphong Cathedral

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 Haiphong Cathedral is situated at No.46 Hoang Van Thu street. According to the carving content in Chinese, Latin and French languages on the cube stone stele placed under the statue of Saint Juse, sculpted in 1886: priests of Dominique order from Spain came to Tonkin from 7th July 1676. On 5th July 1848, Pope Pie divided into two congregations. From 1676 to 1866, the Dominique order had 31 martyrs, of whom 26 were indigenous priests. Until 1866, Spanish Dominique order in Tonkin had 3 congregations with 200,000 followers. The content in Chinese language noted the number of monasteries (churches, abbeys) of this order. Therefore, the Dominique order of Spanish priests entered Tonkin, especially in coastal area, very early and affected deeply to Haiphong and adjacent localities.

Vinh Quang Mangrove Forest (Tien Lang District)

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 Vinh Quang mangrove forest is located on the right bank of Van Uc estuary to Do Son sea. It belongs to Vinh Quang commune, Tien Lang district, and in a nearly 40km distance from Haiphong interior. Boats from Do Son to Vinh Quang take about 15 to 20 minutes. The mangrove forest covers an area of about 3,500ha to 4,000ha with different types of plant like aegiceras, bruguiera, caseolaris, kandelia, etc…

Area of Trang Kenh historical relic and scenic site

Thời gian 27/09/2010 12:03
The area of Trang Kenh historical relic and scenic site located in Minh Duc Town, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City has been known not only for its historical and cultural depth but also for the impressive landscape that created by a system of limestone mountains and rivers.