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Cat Hai fish sauce

Cat Hai fish sauce

There is an old folk saying about the specialties "La cucumbers, Lang basil, Bang pork rolls, Ban crude soysauce, Van Van fish sauce, Dam Set perches". Van Van fish sauce is another name of Cat Hai fish sauce. It is so-called for the sauce used to be made mainly by Van Vans with the main establisment in Cat Hai and 54 other subsidiary distillers elsewhere. He made his fortune as a fish sauce producer to own various properties in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh. The fish sauce is so well known throughout the country for its distinctive flavor, which can not be mistaken among other fish sauces such as Phu Quoc or Phan Thiet. People can never forget the taste once they have tried. The sauce is always on the top list of shopping in the North.

After 1954, all the private fish sauce distillation entities in Cat Hai island was merged in a state private joint enterprise. Mr. Van Van was promoted to the position of Deputy Director. Through all ups and downs, today it is a spacious and prosperous seafood production and service establishment. Cat Hai fish sauce is also a popular brand in the market that is preferred by many shoppers.

Making the sauce is a hard job. Everybody likes it, but few people know that throughout the year, the farmers have to work hard soaking in the smelly air.

The production process goes from the first step of fish classification, then the selected fish is  salted to be fermented over a full year. Over 12 months, the fish begins to juice, it is time to separate and cook the water. The technique is a secret of Cat Hai farmers on their own. Cat Hai fish sauce, under skillful hands of hardworking peasants who are all hearted in their job, has been gradually winning people’s choice locally and nationally.

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