Raw dish of Nhech fish of Trang Cat - Hai Phong listed top 5 of Vietnam’s famous raw specialties

Thời gian 20/12/2012 17:10
Organization of Vietnam records (Vietkings) has recently announced the list of Top 5 Vietnamese famous raw specialties including Trang Cat raw Nhech (brackish eel).

Haiphong’s specialty of cool red jellyfish salad

Thời gian 20/12/2012 17:06
Every year, from lunar March, whenthefirst sunlightssignal an upcomingswelteringsummer, it is alsothebeginningofajellyfishseason

Haiphong’s cuttle fish ball - a tasty seafood speciality

Thời gian 20/12/2012 16:56
The mother of nature favours Haiphong with Cat Hai - Cat Ba island of abundantseafood sources, including freshcuttle fishThedishmade​​fromsquidis quite diverse asboiledsteamedfried, deep-fried etcSun-dried cuttle fish can be broiled and shreddedto eat withchilisauceormingledwithpureedlean pork to make a special course, so-called Cha chia. Above all, cuttle fish ball is believed to be the most extraordinary dish.

Haiphong crab noodles – one of ten Vietnamese dishes wins Asian record

Thời gian 17/09/2012 15:22
According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Haiphong crab noodles (Bánh đa cua Hải Phòng) was recognized as one of 10 Vietnamese dishes to win Asian record. Recently, in Faridabad, the Asia Record Organization (ARO) officially certified and announced records of 10 Vietnamese dishes which had been nominated by Vietnam Record Organization based on the criteria of “Asian cuisine value” regulated by ARO.

Cat Hai fish sauce

Thời gian 07/09/2012 14:23
There is an old folk saying about the specialties "La cucumbers, Lang basil, Bang pork rolls, Ban crude soysauce, Van Van fish sauce, Dam Set perches". Van Van fish sauce is another name of Cat Hai fish sauce. It is so-called for the sauce used to be made mainly by Van Vans with the main establisment in Cat Hai and 54 other subsidiary distillers elsewhere. He made his fortune as a fish sauce producer to own various properties in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Bac Ninh. The fish sauce is so well known throughout the country for its distinctive flavor, which can not be mistaken among other fish sauces such as Phu Quoc or Phan Thiet. People can never forget the taste once they have tried. The sauce is always on the top list of shopping in the North.